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The SRO will assume three primary functions or roles in the school community:

As an Instructor – The SRO will provide a variety of educational opportunities to the school community through law related presentations for students, faculty, and parents.

As a Resource Provider – The SRO can provide informal counseling to students and parents. This counseling can range from mediation of student problems to guiding students and parents to the appropriate agency.

As A Sheriff’ Officer – the SRO will be a positive law enforcement presence in the school community and act as a role model for students. Uniformed officers also present a deterrent to violence, drug use, vandalism, and theft. Their presence will provide an immediate increase in safety and security for both students and staff.


Duties of the SRO: The duties to be performed by the SRO will be directed by Sheriff through the Sheriff’s Office chain of command, in cooperation with the Somerset County Superintendent, and/or his designee. SRO duties may include, but are not limited to:


The SRO shall, at all times, act as a role model for students and faculty by demonstrating appropriate attitude, behavior, courtesy and respect. The SRO shall provide assistance in programs for peer mediation, conflict resolution, and peer leadership. The SRO shall be certified by the State of New Jersey, Department of Education, to substitute teach in Somerset County Schools. He will offer specialized, short-term programs involving a range of topics such as security, crime prevention, drug and alcohol resistance education, and the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The SRO shall attend school functions, such as athletic events, dances, canteens, field trips, and when requested, faculty, PTO and Board of Education meetings to provide additional support and visibility. The SRO shall assist school personnel in dealing with emergencies and recommend security measures, where indicated. The SRO shall take all necessary action to ensure the safety of all school personnel. Officers are Employees of the County


The School Resource Officer will be assigned to the school on a full-time basis and be looked upon as a member of the school faculty. However, the Sheriff’s Officer assigned remains an employee of the county and its Sheriff’s Office. The SRO shall remain subject to all rules and regulations of the Sheriff’s Office and shall not be considered an employee of the Somerset County School System. The SRO will act under the authority granted to them by Constitutional Law, New Jersey Statutes, The New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines, local county ordinance, policy set forth by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Memorandum of Agreement between Educators and Law Enforcement officials. School Discipline Disciplining students is, and shall continue to be a school responsibility. However, if the principal, and/or his designee believe an incident may be a violation of the law, he may contact the assigned SRO, who shall then determine whether law enforcement action is necessary. The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer has been chosen through a competitive selection