Enhancing the level of trust in the county that we serve. By being 'more accountable and more accessible' to all the citizens of the county, I believe that we can be more responsive to their concerns and their needs.

Meeting and working with neighborhoods and business owners to create a safer, stronger Somerset County through hands-on, ground-level community policing and applying proven crime prevention tactics. Assisting all Somerset County Law Enforcement Agencies in their time of need by offering many different mutual aid assistance programs! 

Increasing the level of transparency and the amount of educational public awareness programs. I would provide the public with information on current and recent crimes that are in the area and ways to avoid them and how and where to report them. I would work cooperatively and side by side with the Somerset County media highlighting recent arrests, crimes investigated, department functions, and programs hosted by our agency.

Tim was the first law enforcement official to go public regarding his 'zero tolerance' policy regarding hate crimes.

Joseph P. Lamont Jr.


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