Keeping officers and police dogs 'highly visible' on our streets, roadways, and around our schools and parks. Combining technology with common-sense solutions that keep costs low while providing increased protection and service for our county. 

Recruiting, retaining and promoting good men and women who have the diverse skills, training, and insight to help make Somerset County a safer, better place. Working in coordination with all of the segments of the criminal justice system to reduce victimization and improve the quality of life for all residents of Somerset County and those who choose to visit.

I've been fortunate enough to be born in Somerset County, I've had the opportunity of having my career be the Chief/K9 Unit Commander with the Somerset County Sheriff's Office, and I have had the pleasure of raising my family all within Somerset County. But my work is far from done as the county I've called home now faces threats like never seen before. Most of these threats are targeted towards all of our children, and I take that personally. 

It's time the Somerset County Sheriff's Office speaks for all Somerset County residents, because the last time I checked, all of our children, no matter their race, religion, etc., all play on the same playgrounds. We OWE it to them to unite together with this sheriff's election and send a very clear message that keeping them safe is our #1 priority.

Tim is a nationally recognized Police K-9 Unit Commander who successfully lobbied the NJ Legislature to better protect Police K9 (and Horses) with Dano's Law. Tim's top priority as Sheriff will be keeping all of Somerset County's children safe.

Joseph P. Lamont Jr.


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