Keeping officers and police dogs 'highly visible' at our schools and at religious institutions to proactively deter acts of violence in our County. Combining technology with common-sense solutions that keep costs low while providing increased protection and service for our County. Read More


Enhancing the level of trust in the county that we serve. By being more accountable and more accessible to all the citizens of the county, I believe that we can be more responsive to their concerns and their needs. Read More


Combining sound fiscal, employment and training policies with additional transparency, fairness and accountability. Read More


The unique role of law enforcement officials in any community makes cross-cultural understanding imperative. In addition to the need to ensure officer-to-officer sensitivity, to accurately represent its constituents, law enforcement officials need understanding, respect, and a willingness to communicate with all segments of the population. Read More

Thank you for supporting my campaign and visiting my Dog Pound,

 Tim Pino

Fired up crowds have greeted Tim on the campaign trail with "We Want Tim" chants!

Joseph P. Lamont Jr.


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